Installing a tachometer on your LC is pretty simple. There are several types of tachometers you can install and several kinds of mounts. Drag Specialties has three that will work on the LC they are part numbers DS244138, DS244133 and DS243959. You can purchase the 138 and 133 series from a variety of places including Motorcycle Accessories for about $70.00.

The 138 (white face) and the 139 (black face tachs) that are readily available. The 243959 tach has a different lighting method that is pretty cool. The 959 tach uses an LED to light the entire dial in a sort of neon blue. You have to do a little extra wiring but not enough to amount to much.

If you want to peruse the instructions that come with the DS243959 tach you can do so by clicking here or you can follow my instructions which are much more clear, certainly more colorful and slightly more entertaining.

Take note of those crappy looking clamps that come with the tach as shown in the picture. Your going to need to get something else to clamp that tach down.

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