Changing the oil & filter on the LC is pretty simple and can save a few bucks if you have been taking your bike to the local dealer to have this done. It takes a few tools including a 14mm wrench, an oil filter socket, a 5mm allen wrench and, of course some oil and a filter.

I am not going to recommend an oil, nor a filter, as everyone seems to have an opinion on which oil is particularly better than the other and the same goes for filters. For the first 5 or 6 oil changes I always used the Suzuki factory filters. That changed the day a dealer wanted $18.50 for an oil filter. For the last 15,000 or so miles I have been using STP filters available from the local Autozone for $5.99.

Cross references indicate that the following will also work. The only one I know for sure is the STP SMO-18:

STP: SMO-18 (Does work, I've used this one)
Fram: PH6018 (Although not recommended by many)
Per-Form: J-509
Wix: 51359
Napa Gold: 1359
K&N: KN-138
Amsol: SMF109
Purolator: ML6818
HiFlo: HF138

The manual for my LC recommends Suzuki Performance 4 oil or an oil which is rated SF or SG under API specifications (owners manual). The SF and SG ratings are now obsolete and have been replaced with SJ and SL ratings. I use Castrol GTX 10w-40 which exceeds these ratings as well as having passed the "Japanese Engine Wear Test" whatever that is.

There are a couple of reasons why I use Castrol GTX and both are based on personal opinion so I won't delve into an oil argument other than to say that the 1982 Dodge patrol car I had was auctioned off after 7 years and 265,000 miles and it still ran good and didn't use any oil.

Anyway, arm yourself with the oil of your choosing, a filter of your choosing and a few necessary tools and you can change the oil in about 20 minutes.

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