Instrument Lighting Replacement:

Replacing an instrument cluster light is not all that difficult but it is pretty time consuming because you have to remove the center console and then remove the dash from the center console. Not a bad job but takes a little time.

Start removing the 6 allens and 3 phillips screws holding down the center console. You do not have to remove the tank sides so you don't need to remove those. Leave the forward center two allens in place to hold the tank halves in place.

You can remove the three phillips screws that surround the gas cap without removing the gas cap. I would recommend removing these with the gas cap in place so that you don't drop something in the gas tank and end up fishing for parts (yep, been there done that).

Once the center console is loose you will need to raise it slightly and reach up under it, towards the front of the console and unplug the electrical connection. There is a clip you have to press, it is located towards the front of the bike.

Once you have the electrical connection loose make sure there are no loose washers or spacers anywhere around the gas cap and if not remove the gas cap, remove the console and replace the gas cap so that nothing will find it's way in there. Did I mention that it is a real pain in the ass to fetch something that has fallen in the tank?

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