Now you will need to get the bike up off the ground. Again you should have suitable lift equipment that will make this safe and secure otherwise you might end up in a real mess. If you don't have the equipment then do not try to "make do". It's a big bike, it'll hurt you.

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In order to do this without removing the seat, fenders and associated stuff you have to get the LC up pretty high. I raised mine to where the tip of the rear fender was 21" off the ground, this was more than sufficient.

Remove the axle nut and the washer behind it. From the final drive side of the bike put a wrench on the axle and turn it slowly while working it out. This can be accomplished by taking a screwdriver or other suitable object and pushing on the opposite side while turning the axle. DO NOT use your fingers as this might result in something bad.

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Remove the forward bolt from the brake caliper mount completely (figure 4). I have Vance & Hines pipes on my bike so I'm not sure what you may or may not have to remove on a bike with different pipes in order to accomplish this. With V&H pipes you need to loosen the upper pipe bracket bolt in order to get an allen wrench on the caliper bolt, your results may vary.

Work the caliper assembly out of the way of the tire. What I did was laid a rag over the pipes and then let the entire assembly rest on the pipes.