Various Bolt Sizes For The LC:
(Thanks to Stroppy & Rasoul the forum for the list & suggestion to post it)

4 8x40 rear fender struts ( 4 8x70 if you have saddle bag supports)

4 8x25mm left & right front motor mount brackets ( triangle looking things right by the floor board brackets)

3 8x40 exhaust hangers (stock location)

4 8x50 front fender

4 8x15 front of the triple tree cover

2 8x25 under triple tree ( some light bars will attach to this location)

4 8x25 riser caps ( some after market riser caps might have SAE threads, rule of thumb applies here, finger tight first)

3 8x20 rear of rider and passenger seats.

4 8x25 passenger peg brackets.

2 6x70 generator and clutch covers

8 6x40 generator cover

3 6x40 oil filler cover

11 6x30 clutch cover

5 6x20 rear master cyl.

4 6x25 rear of the faux tank covers ( under fuel door)

4 6x15 rear of the triple tree cover

2 6x15 front brake hose supporting clamps

1 6x15 rear brake hose clamp ( on the left frame rail under oil filler cover)

4 6x20 instrument panel and fuel filler frame

6 6x15 battery cover

4 6x15 oil cooler

2 6x20 top of the oil cooler

4 6x20 front of fuel tank covers

3 6x20 riderís seat and ign switch bracket ( members with HD switch will have extra bolt ...;-)

2 6x20 frame covers ( steering neck)

4 10x25 the bolts that hold the struts to the frame (mushroom allen heads)

Any M6 bolt..thread pitch is 1.00
Any M8 bolt..thread pitch is 1.25
Any M10 bolt..thread pitch is 1.25