Volusia rear fender rail on LC
Thanks to Ed WILDCHILD
#1 - get the volusia rear bumper part #99950-70271 from your dealer.
on the way home stop buy your frendly hardware store and pick up 4 bolts and lock washers 1/4 x 28 (fine threads) that will go through the arms on the bumper, just long enough that they will stick out 1/2 inch through the spuds in the arms. and get a tap for the bolts if you don't have one.
#2 - if you have saddlebags they will have to come off, just so you have access for drilling and tapping.
put the bumper just where you want it spaced at the rear of the fender tip. i used a bungee cord over the top of the seat to hold the arms of the bumper in place, you will need to grind a small angle on the spuds so they fit flush with the chrome frame. (the volusia has a flat spot and has holes for the bolts where the bumper mounts to the frame. take a look at one before you start as you will be making a mounting spot just like it.) grind the bumper spuds, not the frame rails!
#3 - with the bumper where you want it, mark where you need to drill the hole in the back tip of the fender, drill a hole and install the screw.
#4 - now you need to drill the chrome frame, use a 7/32 drill, drill a hole for the bolt that is to the FRONT, holding the bumper arms so they don't move while drilling, drill right through the spud (it already has a hole in it, it's now a drill guide) then tap the hole and put the bolt in. go to the other side and do the same. FRONT hole first. when the bolt is in go and finish the other 2 holes. tighten up the bolts and your done.