Jason's Stainless Steel Chrome Studs
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½” Stainless Steel Chrome Studs These studs are the same size used by most motorcycle accessory manufacturers.
Unlike nickel plated studs, these stainless steel studs are rustproof.
Due to being solid stainless, the finish will never crack or wear off revealing the brass body as often happens with plated studs.
The prongs are 5/16”, long enough to go through even thick saddle bag and luggage leather or vinyl.
Installation is easy, even for the novice, simply push the prongs through and fold them over for a snug permanent attachment.

50 pack...$ 8.95
Solo seat; tank bib; fender bib; sissy bar bag; handlebar bag…etc.

100 Pack...$ 14.95
Solo and passenger seat; Saddle bags; Sissy bar travel luggage…etc.

200 pack…$ 26.95
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Continental U.S. only. Prices INCLUDE shipping.
Payment by Paypal to  ssboltkits@yahoo.com
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