Stearing lock assembly cap replacement by Roger Bradshaw (vv0350)

Took a 5 cent piece, or a nickle, and placed it in a cut out in a piece of metal I had on hand. Smoothed the top edge of the metal hole a little so it wouldn't cut into the nickle. Hole was just a little smaller than the nickle..a little less than 1/8".
Used a ball peen hammer to beat the center of the nickle out/down to about 3/16" of an inch. Turned the nickle over and mashed the center back about a 16th...made the natural ridge on the back outside edge of the nickle fit perfectly over the post that the lock fits into.
Sanded out the marks on the front of the nickle with sand paper and file and polished it with emery paper.
Ok, now I went after the remains of the top of the stock lock cover and the "ring shank" pin that held it in place. Used a small cold chisel and gently mashed/bent the pin slowly out. It bent a little but was easy to straighten. Soft metal. (careful, there is a really small washer, under the cap, that the pin threads through,that you will want to reuse)
Took a 1/4" blunt punch and marked a spot on top the nickle where I wanted to flatten for the hole for the pin to go through. Flattened that spot with a few strokes. Marked the center of the flattened spot and drilled a hole for the pin to just fit through.
Took the finished cap, put the pin through it, then the tiny washer..and gently hammered the pin back into the hole it came out of.
Done, and in less than three hours work and a five cent investment.
Looks just perfect and functions fine.