Pair Valve Storage Mod
provided by BayIntruder

I was thinking about making mine into some sort of easy access storage, accessible with out an allan wrench or other tool, so I could store sunglasses, keys, clear goggles, papers etc. I like riding in solo trim and without the windshield (so no windshield bag) so storage of such items is always an issue. I used to keep such things in my pockets and have broken several pairs of riding glasses this way. So here is my solution including picís of the project to making an easy access storage compartment out of the PAIR Valve housing.

I removed the two posts from inside the housing,
Secured a two inch butt hinge to the inside cover of the chrome housing using a steel epoxy Ė very strong Ė as I didnít want to drill holes in the cover as these would be very noticeable !!

Drilled two holes in the main housing to accept the #10 - 3/8 inch pan head machine screw (stainless steel).

Installed the hinged chrome cover on the black main housing body.  

Cut the original Chrome cover bolt off at the top and glued it back into place to cover the original hole in the cover.

I made a wire mesh basket from metal screening (from a screen door) to fit inside the frame inside the housing, and secured this in place with Velcro and black duct tape. This works really well!!!

And I used two pieces of Velcro attached to the outside of the black mteal frame and on the little foam pads on the underside of the Chrome cover and this secures the cover to the frame sufficiently that it takes a surprising amount of force to open this hinged cover, so I know it wonít open accidentally while I am riding.

The black duct tape really helps make it look finished, and covers a few mistakesJ!

The cover opens up about 80 or 85 degrees but that is plenty of space to get access to the storage and the way the hinge works any more than this would cause a gap on the front of the housing where the chrome meets the black base. As it is now the only way of telling anything was done to the housing is that you can see the two stainless steel screw heads (if you look for them) but I will be painting them black and the should not be noticeable at all.

The storage area is big enough to hold a lot of stuff (as far as bike storage goes). It will take a few pair of glasses, goggles, wallet cell phone, and any other little things you may need to carry with you on a short day trip.