Boulevard C90 Stage 3
Green @ 2:45 Yellow @ 3:30 Red @ 1:30 RPM @ 4:00
Inside the Techlusion module there are 4 lights with 4 dials, and each one is for a certain level of settings. All the setting of these dials are done in relation to time of a clock, as an example 2:25. You will find that 1:00 is the off position, the higher the number the more fuel you are giving to the bike.

There are only 4 wires to hook up:

Power, Ground, and 2 that you tape into the gr/w &gr/b wires leading to the injectors.

*  The green “pot” functions like the fuel mixture screw and pilot jet on a carburetor to adjust light throttle operation through highway cruising and steady throttle.

*  The yellow “pot” functions like an accelerator pump on a carburetor. It adds fuel as the throttle is opened.

*  The red “pot” functions like a main jet on a carburetor to add fuel on top end.

*  The last one is for the rev limiter, you can adjust to any level you like. Doing so you can reset your rev limiter.

Techlusion Instructions - PDF file for download