C90 Low Fuel LED  -  not for the LC

Here there comes the circuit and part list for the C90 Low Fuel LED. I wired all parts together and used heat shrink to isolate the wires, then I used 2 layers of heat shrink over all parts to make it safe to mount it on the bike. You can have 5' of wire between the circuit and the led so feel free to mount the led at any place on your bike you like.
The parts you need:
1 led, the resistor values are for universal red led
1 transistor BC237 or any other universal NPN transistor
1 diode 1N4004 or any other universal diode
1 resistor 430 ohm, if you like it brighter, use a 390 ohm, if you like it not that bright use a 470 ohm
1 resistor 2.2 kilo-ohm (2k2)
1 resistor 4.7 kilo-ohm (4k7)
You only have to connect 3 wires to the bike:
To connect to the fuel gauge you have to remove the seat.
Close to the fuel gauge are the rear light wires, which you can use too.
*   12 volt - the rear light hot wire
*   ground - the fuel gauge ground or the rear light ground
*   fuel gauge - you'll find it as soon as you removed the seat